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Contact Us

Office Address

1200 Wilson Drive
West Chester, PA 19380
FAX: 484.701.1350

QVC Satellite Operations

1200 Wilson Drive
West Chester, PA 19380
MASTER CONTROL: 484.701.8989

HSN Satellite Operations

1 HSN Drive
St. Petersburg, FL 33729
MASTER CONTROL: 727.872.4238

Platform Strategy, Development & Distribution

Dave Apostolico SVP, Platform Strategy, Development & Distribution 484.701.3411 email Dave
Diane Kaeser Senior Executive Assistant 484.701.1131 email Diane

Affiliate Distribution

Jodi Teitelman VP, Affiliate Distribution 484.701.6620 email Jodi
Michael Smith Director, Affiliate Distribution 484.701.3870 email Michael
Matthew Lund Senior Affiliate Distribution Manager 484.701.6554 email Matt
Destini McKnight Senior Affiliate Distribution Manager 484.701.6301 email Destini
Margaret Marinzoli Affiliate Distribution Manager 484.701.3714 email Margaret
Joseph DiZillo Senior Affiliate Distribution Associate 484.701.2307 email Joe
Jacquelyn Cooper Senior Affiliate Distribution Associate 484.701.6743 email Jackie
Elissa Stanbro Affiliate Distribution Associate 484.701.2243 email Elissa

Platform Distribution

Amy Bennett Director, Platform Distribution 484.701.1002 email Amy

Interactive Distribution

Laura Frankel Director, Interactive Distribution 484.701.3268 email Laura

Audience Development
Sarah Frampton Director Audience Development 484.701.8964 email Sarah
Kim Garber Audience Development Manager 484.701.6276 email Kim
Devon Vickers Audience Development Manager 727.872.5837 email Devon
David DiMauro Ad Ops Manager 484.701.1475 email David
Sue Damico Ad Ops Coordinator 484.701.1000 email Sue

Business & Compliance

Kathleen Greim Director, Business & Compliance 484.701.6776 email Kathleen
Bill Ryan Audit, Compliance & Systems Manager 484.701.6556 email Bill
Gina Daleandro Contract Compliance Manager 484.701.8839 email Gina
LaReita Hunter Commissions Compliance Manager 484.701.3341 email LaReita
Kurt Katzor Analytics & Database Compliance Manager 484.701.8176 email Kurt
Korie Trunell PSD&D Compliance Manager 484.701.8629 email Korie
Linda Pindjak PSD&D Compliance Manager 727.872.7342 email Linda

What's New:

QVC Cross-Channel Updated 8.1.2022
HSN Cross-Channel Updated 12.19.2021
Tune In Messages Updated 2.18.2020

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