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Need to update your contact information with us, or retrieve a QVC® and/or HSN® certification for your records? Click on a link below for the update form or certification you wish to view. To submit an update form, simply fill out the form, print, and then scan and email it to your Qurate Retail Group Networks representative, or fax it to 484.701.1350.


QVC/HSN Update Forms


Contact Update Form VIEW >
Cross-Channel Update Form VIEW >



QVC, Inc. Certifications


Calm Act Certification (QVC, Inc.) DOWNLOAD >
Closed Captioning Certification (QVC, Inc.) DOWNLOAD >



HSNi, LLC Certifications


Calm Act Certification (HSNi, LLC) DOWNLOAD >
Closed Captioning Certification (HSNi, LLC) DOWNLOAD >
Children's Programming Certification (HSNi, LLC) DOWNLOAD >


icon If you have any questions regarding our forms, contact your Qurate Retail Group Networks representative.

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QVC Cross-Channel Updated 8.1.2022
HSN Cross-Channel Updated 12.19.2021
Tune In Messages Updated 2.18.2020

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